USDOS Announces October Priority Dates For Filing Permanent Residency Applications

The following priority dates determine whether an applicant may file for permanent residency during the month of October 2016. Many categories have advanced substantially due to a combination of two factors: (1) the beginning of the new fiscal year on October 1 and the new visa quotas effective on that date and (2) the use of the more favorable “filing” dates rather than the “action” dates by the USCIS for the month of October.

Category Country of Chargeability Priority Date Comment
EB-1 Worldwide Current Unchanged
EB-1 China Current Advances 81 months
EB-1 India Current Advances 81 months
EB-1 Mexico Current Unchanged
EB-1 Philippines Current Unchanged
EB-2 Worldwide Current Advances 32 months
EB-2 China March 1, 2013 Advances 37 months
EB-2 India April 22, 2009 Advances 50 months
EB-2 Mexico Current Advances 32 months
EB-2 Philippines Current Advances 32 months
EB-3 Worldwide Current Advances 5 months
EB-3 China May 1, 2014 Advances 51 months
EB-3 India July 1, 2005 Advances 5 months
EB-3 Mexico Current Advances 1 month
EB-3 Philippines September 1, 2013 Advances 38 months



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